The Travels of Tug 44

Medina Culvert - Erie Canal
Medina, NY

The Medina Culvert, built in 1823, is located about 1¾ miles east of the Medina terminal and can be reached by the towpath. A culvert was chosen as more economical than a bridge because the canal crosses a valley here on a berm, and the surrounding land is some 20 feet lower than the canal. It's the only place on the NY canal system where a road crosses under the canal.

The north entrance to the Culvert. It's a one-lane road with 7½ feet clearance at the edges of the sidewalk, though it's about 9 feet at the center. The Erie Canal passes overhead.

The Medina Culvert is 184 years old, and it leaks. A lot! There's constant water dripping in the middle section directly under the canal.

A car passes through the Medina Culvert.

Nearly nothing of the Medina Culvert is visible to passing boaters, except for a bit of concrete lining on the canal's sides. There is no place to dock here. Notice the berm drops off sharply some 20 feet to the left in the picture.

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