The Travels of Tug 44

American Goldfinch

The American Goldfinch is a tiny little birdie, with bright yellow colors. Male and female look a lot like each other but the female (on top) is a bit duller. The male (on bottom) is much brighter and has the black hat and face.   high-res

A closeup of the male American Goldfinch displaying his beautiful colors.   high-res

And a closeup of the female American Goldfinch. Her colors are a lot duller than the male.   high-res

American Goldfinches are extremely combative, they are constantly fighting. This one is even threatening the Downy Woodpecker next door, but he's being ignored.   high-res

Now the male Goldfinch turns his attention to one of his male friends, and starts yelling at him.   high-res

The male friend continues eating and ignores him, so the aggressive one on the left flaps his wings. He's trying to pick a fight.   high-res

The threat display has no effect, so he launches at his friend. These frequent battles generally do not result in any harm to either combatant but they keep on doing it.   high-res

Here are two other American Goldfinches battling it out. I think they do this for sport, but it's quite a sight to see.   high-res

The American Goldfinch, the most noticeable bird at the bird feeder.

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