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American Mink

The Mink is a small mammal and a semi-aquatic carnivore. It eats any small animal including fish, crayfish, baby rabbits and small rodents. We have them in Fort Edward but this is the only one I have ever seen. She was racing across the dirt road, transporting her offspring to a new den. I saw her cross the road 5 times doing this, but she went so fast that I was able to get only this one photo. This was in June 2018.   high-res

Three years later, March 2021, I spotted another Mink in the sme location. This one may have been one of the babies the Mom in the previous photo was carrying.   high-res

This one was running thru the brush on the other side of the old abandoned canal, also at rather fast speeds.   high-res

After several minutes, she came out onto the ice and went even faster. My problem here was shooting thru the brush at the side of the road.   high-res

And off she goes. Such a pretty critter, and too cute to kill for fur, though she is an invasive species, originally escaped from fur breeders.   high-res

The Mink, highly prized for its fur.

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