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Bald Eagle, Part 2

March 2017, I witnessed the strangest thing at the Bald Eagle nest in Fort Edward, on the bank of the Hudson River. Both birds have been bringing in sticks to make the nest larger. This is a close look at the male.   high-res

Here is the happy couple taking a break from construction. Notice where the sun hits the feathers, they appear brown, but they are actually both jet black.   high-res

Break time is over, and here the male Bald Eagle is bringing a stick back to the nest ... but he is flying a bit low. He usually swoops upward at the last moment and lands safely but this time his timing was a bit off ...   high-res

... and he crashes into the side of the nest! As he tries to grab something to hold on with his claws, a shower of sticks fall from the nest.   high-res

Here he is trying to climb up the side of the nest with his claws and beak. More sticks are falling from the nest.   high-res

He is not managing to get a good grip on anything and he's wrecking the nest.   high-res

The stick the male Bald Eagle was holding himself up with, comes loose. The female continues to ignore him and continues eating her lunch in the nest.   high-res

The Bald Eagle looses his grip completely and falls from the sky. A quick flip and he is flying straight again, still holding one of the sticks. The female's head pops up and I clearly heard her say to her mate, "You're an idiot!"   high-res

The male Bald Eagle lands in a nearby tree, and looks regal and pretends none of this ever happened. :)   high-res

The Bald Eagle, the most regal bird in the sky, most of the time. :)

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