The Travels of Tug 44

Bald Eagles, In My Back Yard

My back yard ends at the Champlain Canal with my dock and boat out back. Each year they drain the Canal for winter and my boat settles down into the mud until spring. In these photos from December 2018, there were a bunch of fish left stuck in puddles after draining and a pair of Bald Eagles arrived a few hours later to collect them ... a very easy catch for them. Yes, Eagles are definite opportunists.   high-res

This was the first Bald Eagle to land next to a puddle, the dark thing next to her is the swim platform on the back of my boat.   high-res

This Bald Eagle swoops down and is just about to grab a fish on the fly (behind my boat unfortunately), that's their usual hunting technique.   high-res

And this Eagle does a fly-by checking the various puddles. She lands on the other side of my boat, right on my dock.   high-res

Here's a Bald Eagle sitting on my dock, just barely visible above the dock railing. All these photos were taken from my back porch ... and what an incredible experience watching them from so very close.   high-res

The Bald Eagle, an opportunist looking for an easy lunch!

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