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Our Barred Owl Rescue

On December 14th, 2018, our friend Mike Nicholson told me about a Barred Owl that appeared injured and was not acting normally. The Owl was sitting in some brush hanging down into the Glens Falls Feeder Canal, which was drained for winter. That's me taking a quick photo of the Owl on the right.   high-res

This is the first photo of the Barred Owl I took. The Owl did not move, in spite of my being so close. His eyes were semi-closed and he didn't look very good.   high-res

We contacted North Country Wild Care, our wildlife rescue and rehab group, and they sent Dave Larrow to catch the Barred Owl.   high-res

Dave Larrow and I climbed thru the brush from behind the Barred Owl. The poor Owl tried to fly as we got nearby but he could only flip over on his back and then fell down into the mud in the Canal bed. Dave climbed down after him, scooped him up and put him in a box and I carried it back to the car.   high-res

That's my better half Mary Ellen on the left and Dave Larrow on the right, holding the injured Barred Owl. He turned out to have a broken wing and had gotten skunked. My thinking is the Owl had tried to catch the skunk for food, got sprayed and that temporarily damaged his eyes, so he then crashed into a branch. The next morning the owl was at a veterinary hospital and is now doing fine in rehab, and will eventually be released if the broken wing heals right. And yes, Dave's beard is real. :)   high-res

The rescued Barred Owl, with a wonderful happy ending.

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