The Travels of Tug 44

Black Vulture

This group of Black Vultures was sitting on top of a farm silo basking in the sun. I was quite surprised to see them in Fort Edward, as they generally are not seen this far north. Recent warm weather may have extended their usual territory.   high-res

Black Vultures often hunt together in family groups, and are sometimes even seen soaring with Turkey Vultures and Hawks. They do find nibbling on each other's tail feathers irresistable.   high-res

Black Vultures are excellent caring parents, they share food and sometimes even bring it in for other family members. Here, one of them had left the silo and returned 15 minutes later, where it barfed up some food and all 4 sat down and lunched together.   high-res

The Black Vulture is all black except for some white on the underside of the wing tips, as shown here in the only flight shot that I was able to get.   high-res

The Black Vulture, a gentle caring member of Nature's cleanup team.

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