The Travels of Tug 44


The Bobolink is a small bird that feeds on grains, rice and seeds ... and bugs when it can get them, and it is one of the stranger birds in the Fort Edward Grasslands.

The females are mostly brown, but the males (as shown here) have a most unusual camouflage adaptation. When on the ground, they look like an upside-down dead bird. This can be very very handy when they are on the ground picking seeds and there are predatory raptors circling overhead.   high-res

Seen from the front, they look like an ordinary black bird, but with a white hat.   high-res

And off he goes to search for another good spot in the hay field.   high-res

This Bobolink is sitting on a fencepost by a hay field with a fat green bug in his beak. Yumm!   high-res

The Bobolink, one of Nature's more unusual camouflage schemes.

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