The Travels of Tug 44

Bourbon Red Domestic Turkey

This wonderful turkey barn was built by our friend Michele Hafner for her Bourbon Red Domestic Turkeys. There is an open air pen fenced in alongside.   high-res

Meet one of the Bourbon Red Domestic Turkeys she is raising. This one is just a few months old.   high-res

The Bourbon Red Domestic Turkey was developed by J.F. Barbee in Bourbon County in Kentucky's Bluegrass Country back in the late 1800s.   high-res

When ready for the kitchen, toms weigh about 23 pounds, and hens weigh about 14 pounds.   high-res

Adult Bourbon Red Domestic Turkeys have dark red feathers, with white flight feathers.   high-res

When I was in the pen with them, I found them to be quite friendly and gentle.   high-res

The Bourbon Red Domestic Turkey, a nice dish at Thanksgiving.

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