The Travels of Tug 44

Bufflehead Duck

The male Bufflehead Duck has a large white spot on the back of his head, running from eye to eye. I got these shots on the Hudson River at Fort Edward.   high-res

The female Bufflehead is kind of drab and has a large white spot behind her eye, but he thinks she is very sexy.   high-res

Bufflehead Ducks as well as many birds get some of their colors from reflected sunlight ... this male's head has a reddish refection.   high-res

Here, the male Bufflehead kicks his feet and his body lifts up and his nose goes down ... he's diving for his lunch ... fish.   high-res

Not sure if this male Bufflehead Duck is scratching his neck, or if he is "flipping me the bird". :)   high-res

The Bufflehead Duck, one of nature's little fishermen.

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