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Common Loon

The Common Loon is a large water bird with about a 4 foot wingspan, that makes its living diving for fish, and they can dive as far as 200 feet down. They are common in summer on northern lakes and ponds in the USA and also in Canada up to the Arctic Circle.   high-res

This adult Common Loon looks like a patchwork of different patterns and colors. The head is greenish when seen in the right light. The red eyes are difficult to photograph properly, they seem a dull red.   high-res

Common Loons are terrific divers, and they stay down a long time and usually surface at least 100 yards from where they went down.   high-res

Loons have another fishing technique ... this one is "snorkeling" with its head down, watching for fish in the clear water below them.   high-res

This Common Loon has started the mating display, trying very hard to get noticed.   high-res

The mating display continues, the Loon is leaning backwards and flapping in place.   high-res

Then the Common Loon leans all the way back and the head nearly touches the back. This is considered wildly sexy in the Loon world.   high-res

This is an immature Common Loon. The colors are shaded browns and white. Young chicks can start feeding themselves about 2 weeks after they leave the nest.   high-res

Young Common Loons do not breed until they are 6-7 years old, and they can live to 30 years.   high-res

The Common Loon, a deep diving fishing bird.

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