The Travels of Tug 44

Common Raven

The Common Raven is a large bird that eats nearly anything, including seeds, bugs, worms, mice and other small animals. My farmer friend complains they get in his hen house and steal the eggs. They do have about a 3 inch long beak, so gripping eggs is a possibility. These guys have about a 5 foot wingspread. I met this one at the Winter Raptor Fest at our local Washington County Fair Grounds.   high-res

Meet Momma Common Raven at her nest high on a ladder on a silo on a farm in Fort Edward. She has at least 4 chicks in that nest.   high-res

And a few weeks later we see 4 Common Raven chicks. They are nearly grown and they flew a week or two later. Ravens can be told apart from Crows by the tail when flying ... the Ravens have a V-shaped tail, pointy on the end. And the Raven call is a low pitched "grock" sound.   high-res

The Common Raven, a jet-black marauder.

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