The Travels of Tug 44


I encountered this Coyote in the Fort Edward grasslands in a snowstorm. He ran across the road at high speeds, then paused a moment for this photo at about 150 yards (beyond my camera range). After 10 years in the North Country, this is the first one I have seen ... though I have seen several half-eaten deer kills they left, including one within the Village limits. They have been seen running down our main street in the night, and household pets left outdoors overnight have been known to disappear.   high-res

After one quick look at my car, he continued on, running for the woods.   high-res

And within 30 seconds he was gone. Sorry about the fuzzy photos, but the distance and weather conspired against me.   high-res

As he runs off, the snow gets heavier, and photography becomes nearly impossible. Coyotes catch rabbits and any small animal, and a pack of them can easily outrun and kill deer and larger animals. They also scavenge, and can eat berries and vegatation when food is scarce. Known as Coy Dogs in some areas, they are a mix of coyote, wolf and tiny bit of dog.   high-res

The Coyote, our local apex predator.

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