The Travels of Tug 44

Eastern Phoebe

The Eastern Phoebe is a cute little birdie, named after it's "fee bee" call.   high-res

Eastern Phoebes go after small flying bugs, they are called fly-catchers. They will sit on a perch, and make frequent short flights to catch each one and return.   high-res

They summer and breed in Fort Edward around the grasslands and fly south for the winter, but they are very hardy and are one of the last to leave and the first to return.   high-res

Eastern Phoebes prefer flies and other insects but they will often take small fruits and berries when bugs are in short supply.   high-res

The Eastern Phoebe sits alertly on a branch waiting for the next bug to fly by, and while waiting there is often some tail wagging going on.   high-res

The Eastern Phoebe, a cute little bug hunter.

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