The Travels of Tug 44

Eastern Screech-Owl, Rescued
Red Version

This is an Eastern Screech Owl of the Red Variety. She is posing for us at a fund raiser for North Country Wild Care at our local Barnes & Noble book store. And what a cutie she is!   high-res

This red Eastern Screech-Owl was hit by a car, broke a wing and was rehabbed by Wild Care. It was not possible to fully repair the wing, so now she is a spokes-owl for Wild Care.   high-res

To give you an idea how little he is, I included my sweetie Mary Ellen in the photo. Not only is the Owl super cute, but also very tiny..   high-res

And as we were getting ready to leave, the little red Screech Owl decided it was time to display his pretty wings.   high-res

The red Eastern Screech-Owl, the cutest little Owl!

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