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German Shorthaired Pointer
Puppy Therapy

June 2019, we went to visit a litter of 6 German Short-Haired Pointers, at Ted McEachron's Bacon Hill Kennels.   high-res

It was a total blast playing with these 6 little guys. When I arrived that day, I was feeling depressed, I have cancer. But 5 minutes later I had this huge stupid grin on my face, they were so much fun. This Puppy Therapy caused a dramatic change to my mood which lasted several days.   high-res

And a few weeks later, my doctors declared me to be in remission. Was it the cancer drugs they gave me or was it this Puppy Therapy? I suspect it was the puppies!   high-res

These little pups are quick and can change direction on a dime, as seen here.   high-res

The German Shorthaired Pointer pups were so friendly and they played continuously for several hours, both with us and with each other. Fascinating to watch.   high-res

This German Short-Haired Pointer pup was posing for me, but notice his eyes, he's looking to make sure I was watching him.   high-res

This Pointer pup appears to be following a scent trail, which is something they do naturally.   high-res

Ooooh look! I found a leaf! I'm a hunting dog now!   high-res

That's me wishing I had 3 hands so I could pet all three at once.   high-res

This little Pointer is about to do a flying leap right into my hands.   high-res

That's a Chukar Partridge, that Ted released for me to photograph. He had tucked the bird's head under its wing and it went right to sleep. The Chukar woke up surrounded by 3 of Ted's adult German Shorthaired Pointers but Ted had said "leave it" and the dogs obeyed and stood down. All of Ted's German Shorthaired Pointers are perfectly trained and always do exactly as they are told.   high-res

Meet Linda McEachron. She is putting some love on one of the adult German Shorthaired Pointers. The big dogs were very very gentle with Linda.   high-res

How could you not smile when you have such a cute little critter on your lap?   high-res

Ouch, ouch, ya have to be careful with those needle-sharp puppy claws.   high-res

German Shorthaired Pointer, some of the most fun puppies ever!

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