The Travels of Tug 44

Gray Fox

Late one evening in June 2019, we spotted this lovely Gray Fox hunting mice by the side of the road in Fort Edward. I was so excited to see it that I made an amateur error and didn't watch my ISO light setting in the low setting sun light, so the photos came out a bit grainy. But the Fox remained there for several minutes carefully watching us from about 100 feet away.   high-res

Gray Foxes have a lot of red on them and Red Foxes have a lot of gray on them so the way to tell the difference is that the Red Foxes have black legs and the Gray Foxes have a black stripe down their tails.   high-res

After a few minutes of watching me, he went back to work, hunting rodents. There is one other difference with these critters, the Gray Foxes have sharp claws and they can actually climb trees!   high-res

And here is the Gray Fox, running around the grass, nose down, sniffing for mice and voles and ignoring me completely.   high-res

The Gray Fox, a rarely-seen grasslands predator.

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