The Travels of Tug 44

Great Egret
Fighting for Fishing Rights

Great Egrets have very strict rules about fishing too close to each other, as that might scare the fish away. But this small pond had 9 Egrets fishing it at once and straying too close became inevitable. Fights constantly broke out. This one was driven off the pond and was sitting in a tree, waiting for her chance.   high-res

Suddenly, this Great Egret dove back down to the pond, straight at one of her rivals.   high-res

Now the Great Egret is gaining speed, ready to attack like an A-10 Thunderbolt jet. She's heading straight at one of her friends.   high-res

And she lands right next to another Great Egret, startling that one.   high-res

And a chase begins, as the Great Egret loses her fishing spot to the attacker.   high-res

A wide shot, showing 8 of the 9 Great Egrets fishing together.   high-res

A closer look, as the Great Egrets chase each other.   high-res

When the Great Egrets chase each other in the air, sometimes the chaser will extend her neck all the way forward, and take a bite of the other's tail or wing feathers. Fishing is serious business!   high-res

The Great Egret, a very serious fisherman!

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