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Great Horned Owl

The Great Horned Owl is one of the larger owls, and they are nocturnal. I met this one just minutes before dark, and he was all lit up by the red sunset over the Hudson River in Fort Edward.   high-res

Great Horned Owls have somewhat stubby wings for a bird this size but the wings are extra wide. This enables the bird to fly thru the woods at night and make it safely between the branches. He's getting ready for his hunt tonight. He's looking for rabbits, mice, rats and small mammals.   high-res

And off he goes, silently into the night.   high-res

April 2017: Got the Great Horned Owl again, this time on an evening with no sunset so I avoided the reddish tint in the photos.   high-res

He got up a bit earlier than the other evening, so I was able to get better shots, he actually cooperated this time.   high-res

He fluffed up a bit and preened his feathers.   high-res

After one last stern look at me, the Great Horned Owl flew off.   high-res

Baby Great Horned Owls! She now has 2 chicks in the nest, little fluff balls.   high-res

May 2017 - I met this Great Horned Owl at the Winter Raptor Fest at our local Washington County Fairgrounds. What a beautiful bird!   high-res

And in 2018, there was this Great Horned Owl at the Winter Raptor Fest. Another beautiful critter.   high-res

The Great Horned Owl - a silent but deadly night hunter.

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