The Travels of Tug 44

Greater Yellowlegs

The Greater Yellowlegs is a small shorebird mostly on inland lakes and rivers and marshes. It's a chilly day and the bird on the left has her leg tucked in under her belly to warm it up.   high-res

Greater Yellowlegs wade in very shallow water and rake their bill back and forth in the mud ... stirring up small creatures to eat.   high-res

The Greater Yellowlegs will eat seeds and berries when nothing else is available, but they prefer small marine critters including small frogs, crayfish and minnows.   high-res

This Yellowlegs was foraging by the shore when a really large Snapping Turtle arrived and appeared to be stalking her. She didn't fly, she simply walked away ... they walk rather quickly in swampy water.   high-res

The Greater Yellowlegs, patrolling the inland shorelines.

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