The Travels of Tug 44

Green Heron

The Green Heron is a small bird, about the size of a pigeon ... on stilts. They look a lot like their much larger Great Blue Heron cousins. The name comes from a greenish sheen on their feathers in certain light. In most cases the birds sit with the neck folded tight against the body.   high-res

When alert or while fishing, the neck is extended ... providing a very long reach in case a fish swims by.   high-res

This is a typical fishing position, this one is all ready to spear a fish. The beak is so sharp that some fish get speared instead of being grabbed.   high-res

The Green Herons are beautiful in flight, and they get airborne and up to speed a lot quicker than their larger cousins.   high-res

When out fishing, they frequently stretch their wings, showing their beautiful feathers.   high-res

Gotta stretch the other wing too!   high-res

When a fish swims by just out of reach, they jump right into the water like an arrow and grab their lunch, then flap their wings 3-4 times to get back on their perch. This and the next photo are from the same capture of a fat tadpole, which he has in his beak. In this shot, the legs are paddling to help get out of the water.   high-res

The Green Heron is airborne, and about to land on the branch ... it's time for lunch! Such beautiful birds.   high-res

The Green Heron, a medium sized fishing bird.

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