The Travels of Tug 44

Hairy Woodpecker

The Hairy Woodpecker is a close cousin to his tiny Downy Woodpecker relative, and they look about the same ... but the Hairy is larger. The suet feeder has about a 1 inch grid so we can easily compare sizes. This one is an immature male, we see his red "hat" feathers are just starting to appear.   high-res

This immature male Hairy Woodpecker leans forward to give us a better look at his newly-sprouted red colors.   high-res

In this photo, the same immature male Hairy Woodpecker has his eyes half closed. This is actually an inner eyelid called a "nicitating membrane" which protects his eyes from flying woodchips as he digs thru tree bark for the bugs and beetle larvae he normally lives on.   high-res

Here's Mom! This female Hairy Woodpecker looks the same as the male, except she lacks the red "hat" feathers the male will have.   high-res

A closeup look at the Hairy Woodpecker's tongue! It is extremely long, and is used to feel for bugs as he is drilling.   high-res

An adult male Hairy Woodpecker launches into the air with his wings spread.   high-res

The Hairy Woodpecker, one of the larger tree drillers.

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