The Travels of Tug 44

Herring Gull

A Herring Gull has a small reddish/brownish mark on its lower bill, and then there are those outrageous pink legs and pink duck feet.   high-res

Herring Gulls have very long narrow wings, with black wingtips. They are excellent gliders and they can even hover in a wind. I took these 3 photos on the Lock 6 rapids of the Hudson River, October 2017.   high-res

Herring Gulls are the river's trash collector, their specialty is dead fish, but they're happy with whatever floats down the river. They actively hunt crabs and marine critters on the rapids.   high-res

Found this first year juvenile Herring Gull hanging out with a bunch of crows in a farm road.   high-res

A car comes down the road and at first the Juvenile refuses to move but eventually took flight, and showed off his 5 foot wingspan.   high-res

The Herring Gull, a precision flyer.

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