The Travels of Tug 44

Horned Lark

The Horned Lark is a little sparrow-looking birdie, brownish on top, white underneath and some yellow color under their beak. But they also have "horns". Actually the horns are little feathers, which can be raised or lowered.   high-res

Horned Larks are seed-eaters and during the breeding season and summer, they also go for nutritious bugs. Yumm.   high-res

We have Horned Larks in Fort Edward year round, but they are mostly seen in winter. During summer they are hidden in the grass in hay fields far away from the road, but in winter when their foraging ground is snow covered, they come out to the road to collect wind-blown seeds.   high-res

This Horned Lark is checking out little tufts of hay grass sticking up thru the snow ... looking for seeds.   high-res

The Horned Lark, a cute little birdie ... with Horns!

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