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House Finch

The House Finch is an invasive species on the east coast of the USA, they were brought to New York as cage birds called "Hollywood Finches" but didn't sell well, so they were released on Long Island NY in 1940. They have spread up and down the east coast in large numbers.   high-res

The House Finch looks like other finches and sparrows, but the males have that lovely red coloring. The red coloring is actually from their diet and varies quite a bit from individual to individual, they are not naturally red. Females show a marked preference for males with more red on them, as it indicates the male's ability to locate better food ... a good survival value.   high-res

House Finches are almost exclusively vegetarian, they like seeds, tree buds and fruits. Their stong beak is just right for crunching sunflower seeds at my bird feeders.   high-res

And here's Mom! The female House Finch looks like the male but lacks all the red.   high-res

The House Finch, a beautiful little birdie.

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