The Travels of Tug 44


The Killdeer is a little birdie, about robin sized, often seen running down the streets on their extra-long legs, by hay fields in the Fort Edward grasslands.   high-res

This close-up portrait shows the Killdeer's conspicuous stripes and the red ring around the eye. And yet when they are a short distance away, they camouflage right into the hay fields and vanish. Killdeer are famous for using the "broken wing" technique to lure predators away from their ground nest.   high-res

Killdeer are migratory and arrive in Fort Edward in early spring when there is still snow in the fields. This one is hunting bugs near the icy water of a melt puddle. They also eat seeds and whatever else they can find.   high-res

This pair was browsing among the ice and snow, never more than about 20 feet from each other, they are quite sociable.   high-res

The cold does not seem to bother Killdeer at all, they freely wade thru icy water and snow with no hesitation.   high-res

The Killdeer, one of Nature's camouflage specialists.

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