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Lesser Scaup Duck

The Lesser Scaup Duck is a small diving duck, that makes its living diving and sorting thru the mud on the bottom for clams, crayfish and other small marine critters. They also eat plant material from the bottom.   high-res

The Lesser Scaup is supposedly one of the more common and widespread ducks, but they are very shy and avoid people. They breed mostly in Canada and winter south, but I suspect they also breed near the Hudson River.   high-res

One of the more noticeable features on the Lesser Scaup are the squiggly lines on their backs. The females are mostly brown with white feathers around the bill.   high-res

Wings and feathers are not really designed for swimming so these ducks often stand up in the water and flap their wings to knock the water off the feathers.   high-res

The Lesser Scaup Duck, very pretty but very shy.

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