The Travels of Tug 44

Luna Moth

This giant Luna Moth was on my deck floor late one evening after dark, probably attracted by the porch lights. It was very sluggish and not moving. Adults live only a week or two and their only function is to find a mate and breed. They do not eat, and live off fat reserves.   high-res

This Luna Moth was 5 inches across, but some are as wide as 7 inches. The "eye spots" on the wings are part of nature's camouflage, it makes them resemble a large frog.   high-res

The female Luna Moth sends out pheremones to attract males, and the first male to arrive gets the girl. He detects the pheremones with his fuzzy antennae. This one was on my screen door the next morning, and soon a small bird fluttered next to it, examined it carefully, then grabbed it and carried it off for breakfast.   high-res

The Luna Moth, a giant but harmless insect of the night.

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