The Travels of Tug 44

Myrtle Warbler

Formerly known as the Yellow-Rumped Warbler, the Myrtle Warbler is a very busy bug eater, I have seen them collect in small flocks at the swamp, meeting clouds of small bugs as they hatch out of the water. The Warblers fly though the bug clouds, catching them in the air.   high-res

Myrtle Warblers have the distinctive yellow spots on their sides, top of the head and on the rump.   high-res

This Myrtle Warbler is taking a brief break from bug hunting in the swamp.   high-res

Myrtle Warblers also have the distinctive white marks above and below their eyes.   high-res

When bugs are not available, the Myrtle Warbler eats fruit, berries.   high-res

Here we have a female Myrtle Warbler. She has the distinctive yellow patches, but they are fainter and the rest of her is more brownish.   high-res

In winter the Myrtle Warbler migrates south to New Jersey or points south.   high-res

The Myrtle Warbler, a lovely songbird in the swamp.

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