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Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is the flashiest bird at the bird feeder ... or anywhere else. They are seed eaters, and utterly love sunflower seeds. Their beak is short and strong to crack thru the tougher seeds.   high-res

They wear that pointy hat, which is just feathers. It can be raised and lowered according to the mood of the bird.   high-res

The black marks on head are actually a fully black face. Note the upper corners of the black area include the eyes, it's purpose is to hide the eyes as camouflage.   high-res

And then this male Northern Cardinal spreads his wings and wow!.   high-res

The female Northern Cardinal looks about the same as the male, except her colors are muted and grayed slightly. She does have that same bright red beak as the male does.   high-res

This female Northern Cardinal arrives at the bird feeder in a flash of color!.   high-res

Meet the baby Northern Cardinal! This little cutie looks a lot like Mom but lacks the bright red beak.   high-res

Another baby Northern Cardinal, newly fledged and flying. This one could probably fend for itself at this age, but prefers to beg from the parents. Every few minutes a parent drops down to the deck and the baby comes running ... and vibrates its wings and begs ... and usually gets handed a seed.   high-res

The Northern Cardinal, the flashiest bird at the feeder.

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