The Travels of Tug 44

Northern Flicker

This guy is quite a dandy, he's a male Northern Flicker. The polka-dots on his belly, the red stripe on the back of his head, the bright yellow of the undersides of his wings and tail (you see a bit of yellow on the tail in this picture), and his dashing black mustache, is he a pretty boy or what? When they fly away, they show a bright white spot on their back end. The females look the same but without the mustache.   high-res

A better look at the red stripe on the head of this Northen Flicker. He is a Woodpecker, but he is more likely to make his living lapping up ants on the forest floor, using his long barbed tongue.   high-res

There are quite a few Northern Flickers in the woods around here, but they are hard to spot and harder still to get an unobstructed clear photo. These 3 shots are the only ones I have been able to get so far, but I'm thinking a flight shot showing the undersides of the wings would be spectacular.   high-res

April 2018 - I met this Northern Flicker ... he was singing at me from a tree. That black mustache makes him a male. The females look the same but without the mustache.   high-res

The Northern Flicker, with a Woodpecker's flair for snappy dressing.

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