The Travels of Tug 44

Northern Harrier
Super Hunter

March 2019, a dark & dreary day in the dead of winter, we watched this lovely female Northern Harrier as she hunted the hay fields for mice and voles. She flew about 3-4 feet above the ground and suddenly she spotted some voles by a tuft of grass, and dropped right onto them.   high-res

Here she is a moment later, the Northern Harrier has 3 small voles trapped in her claws, when she looks over her shoulder and spots a 4th one.   high-res

She quickly kills the 4th one and then goes back to eating the others.   high-res

Within just a few moments, the Northern Harrier has eaten all 4 voles ... quite a large meal. In this photo, she is staring right at me, from about 100 yards.   high-res

... and then she launches into the air, and continues on hunting.   high-res

Here, the female Northern Harrier is back to hunting. She can even hunt by sound.   high-res

The Northern Harrier, a highly skilled hunter.

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