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Peacock - Peafowl

The Peacock originally came from Asia and Congo, the blue ones we see here are from India. They are seed/grain eaters but enjoy bugs too. In fact they will eat nearly anything, including mice. The males are spectacular, but the females, known as Peahens are brown. Together, Peacocks and Peahens are called Peafowl.   high-res

Peacocks grow tail feathers early in the year as long as 6 feet, and they are at their most spectacular just in time for spring mating season. They can actually fly with those long tails, I have seen it myself. The tail feathers are fanned out and displayed to the Peahens as part of the mating ritual.   high-res

In summer, the long tail feathers drop off when the mating season is over, and they start new feathers. This Peacock is growing next year's display now. These birds owe their colors not to pigments but rather to a crystalline structure in their feathers which refect the colors we see, it works much like a prism.   high-res

This farmer does not pen his animals, and the Peacocks are often seen blocking traffic on a quiet farm road.   high-res

The Peacock, perhaps the most impressive looking bird on the farm.

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