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Red-Tailed Hawk

A Red-Tailed Hawk sits on a wire, watching a hay field for mice. Not all Red-Tails actually have any red in their tail, but this one is particularly nice ...   high-res

... and to prove it, he flies with his beautiful colors showing.   high-res

This Red-Tailed Hawk had struck a mouse in the ditch just as I passed by in my car, then he flew up to the tree. Alas he had missed and came up with two handfulls of grass and mud ... which he left laying on the branch.   high-res

A Red-Tailed Hawk takes a break from hunting, sitting on a telephone pole. These are large predatory birds, with a wingspread of about 4 feet. They fear humans so they allow only 30 seconds or less, starting from when my car stops moving ... and then they fly away.   high-res

I got very lucky with this one, catching him in flight!   high-res

A young Red-Tailed Hawk sits on a fence post, getting ready to tear apart the mouse or small rodent he caught. Yumm, dinner!   high-res

Red-Tailed Hawks are difficult to photograph but I got lucky again on this gray day just as it started to drizzle. Poor photography conditions, but somehow this one came out pretty good as the Hawk shows off his wing feathers.   high-res

I managed to get close enough on this Red-Tailed Hawk sitting on a telephone pole, on a windy day. Each time he turned his head away, I moved the car another 10 feet closer, until I managed to get this shot. Had I stopped and gotten out, the Hawk would have flown away immediately.   high-res

Sep 2016: Got lucky again, spotted this Red-Tailed Hawk on a roadside dead tree and was able to get close. Note the bird's left foot in not clutching the perch, perhaps he had just finished off a rodent for lunch and just had not yet repositioned.   high-res

After a few moments, the Hawk flew. Look closely, there is a house fly to the left in the photo by the Hawk's right wing ... just about to get hit.   high-res

And 1/10th of a second later, the fly is now tumbling down after the strike. :)   high-res

The Hawk lifts off and flies, displaying his beautiful feathers.   high-res

February 2017, I was watching a dead Canada Goose laying in a hay field and this Red-Tailed Hawk arrived for dinner. He tears right into the dead Goose with pieces flying all over. Notice the tiny piece of meat sitting on top of his nose. :)   high-res

After each bite, the Hawk's head popped up and he looked around. All birds do this, they must watch out for other predators while eating.   high-res

He's making short work of this rather large meal.   high-res

His meal now over, the Red-Tailed Hawk launches into the air and flies off.   high-res

March 2017: This Red-Tailed Hawk flew as I arrived in my car, but I got him in flight, as he showed off his beautiful red tail.   high-res

... then as he flew directly overhead, I got him again. Amazing bird.   high-res

August 2018 - This young Red-Tailed Hawk flew right past me, looked over her shoulder at me and let out a deafening screeeeech. She won't develop the red tail colors until she gets a bit older.   high-res

The Red-Tailed Hawk, a beautiful Bird of Prey.

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