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Scottish Highland Cattle

Scottish Highland Cattle originated in the Scottish Highlands, and are well suited to the cold weather there. Their long coats also make them suitable to our icy winters in upstate New York.   high-res

This one is a bull, they can grow to 1800 pounds, the females go up to 1100 pounds. And the horns are really impressive, though they are very peaceful.   high-res

The thing on his forehead is just a seed burr, picked up while grazing. The long hair on his face gives him a lot of protection from biting flies.   high-res

Scottish Highland Cattle come in every color, black, tan, white and brown. They are raised as beef cattle, but they were also used for milk, which is higher than most cattle in butterfat.   high-res

The small herd in my photos is not being raised commercially, they are actually house pets. They look so cool and ferocious, but they are extremely peaceful.   high-res

Scottish Highland Cattle, one of the more interesting types of cattle out there.

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