The Travels of Tug 44

Snow Bunting

Snow Buntings are small birds, related to the Sparrow, which they resemble. They are sociable birds, seen mostly in flocks of a few dozen up to a hundred or more.   high-res

Their diet consists of seeds and berries. They live and breed in the Arctic, and winter in the northern USA, including my town of Fort Edward NY.   high-res

This bunch is dining on a handful of bird seed thrown by the side of the road. With such a bonanza, there's lots of pushing and shoving and often one will lift off briefly and settle down again.   high-res

This Snow Bunting is telling you how great the bird seed is! :)   high-res

In this shot, they all take off at once, and they are masters at synchronized flying ... they never crash together.   high-res

The Snow Bunting, one of the cutest little birdies in the North Country.

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