The Travels of Tug 44

Snow Bunting

Snow Buntings are small birds, related to the Sparrow, which they resemble. They are sociable birds, seen mostly in flocks of a few dozen up to a hundred or more.   high-res

Their diet consists of seeds and berries. They live and breed in the Arctic, and winter in the northern USA, including my town of Fort Edward NY.   high-res

This bunch is dining on a handful of bird seed thrown by the side of the road. With such a bonanza, there's lots of pushing and shoving and often one will lift off briefly and settle down again.   high-res

This Snow Bunting is telling you how great the bird seed is! :)   high-res

In this shot, they all take off at once, and they are masters at synchronized flying ... they never crash together.

The Snow Bunting, one of the cutest little birdies in the North Country.   high-res

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