The Travels of Tug 44

Snow Goose

A Snow Goose (also called a Blue Goose) lands in the Hudson River at Fort Edward. They are excellent flyers but the landings are a bit rough ... notice the huge plume of water he kicked up.   high-res

The Snow Goose breeds in the Arctic, beyond the timber line, and they winter as far south as Texas. They are on their northward migration.   high-res

A Snow Goose takes off from the water, which involves furious paddling with their feet in the attempt to get airborne.   high-res

March 2017, this Goose is stopping at a flooded hayfield full of ice and snow in Fort Edward, for a rest from the annual migration flight and some food. Yep, these Geese are hay burners. This one was traveling with several hundred Canada Geese, they are the same size and share the same appetite.   high-res

The Snow Goose, a beautiful migratory bird.

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