The Travels of Tug 44

Solitary Sandpiper

The Solitary Sandpiper is a shore bird, sometimes found at the beach, but I met this one in a swampy little pond in a hay field in Fort Edward NY., where he was looking for small fish, tadpoles and bugs. He's about the size of a Robin, but with really long legs.   high-res

This Solitary Sandpiper is holding his wings high as he forages. It's a common thing for them to do, perhaps it helps their balance while wading, and perhaps it is a display to impress others.   high-res

Impressive as his display may have been, the girls ignored him, so he went back to fishing.   high-res

He also likes the newly hatched bugs that hover over the water's surface, very tasty stuff. :).   high-res

April 2018 - We spotted this Solitary Sandpiper also showing off the wings-up pose ... a moment later she flew over to a stump. Sometimes they fly even distances as short as a foot or two.   high-res

The Solitary Sandpiper, a small, very pretty wading bird.

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