The Travels of Tug 44

Spotted Sandpiper

In May 2017, I spotted these two Sandpipers hanging out together in a local swamp. The one on the left is a Spotted Sandpiper, and the one on the right is a Solitary Sandpiper. And in spite of their being two different species, they appeared to be best buddies.   high-res

Then in April 2019, we spotted this lovely Spotted Sandpiper, hunting for bugs on a raft of reeds and debris at a time when the Hudson River was flooding.   high-res

This Spotted Sandpiper is in full breeding colors, the spots will fade away in the fall after breeding season is over. When hunting, her butt bobs up and down continuously.   high-res

The Spotted Sandpiper was running all over the raft of reeds, hunting bugs and she caught a dozen in just the few minutes we were there. That's a little bug in her beak which she just caught.   high-res

In this picture, the Spotted Sandpiper picks another bug from a rotted log.   high-res

Every few minutes, the Spotted Sandpiper stabs her beak into the water, to catch either a tiny minnow, or perhaps her favorite food, an aquatic bug larva.   high-res

The Spotted Sandpiper, a cute little shore bird.

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