The Travels of Tug 44

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkeys are a common sight in the Fort Edward Grasslands, generally seen grazing for fruits, nuts, leaves and bugs. Especially bugs and worms.   high-res

They travel in large groups ... this bunch numbered about a dozen, but there are groups of 60 or more around here.   high-res

These birds are mostly dull black, but when the sun catches them at the right angle, they display a rainbow of iridescent colors. The wings shine especially nicely in the sun.   high-res

Wonderful colors, even bright gold on the Wild Turkeys.   high-res

Wild Turkeys do not migrate, they tough out our winters with deep snow and temperatures as low as 35 degrees below zero. Caught this one in the middle of a snow storm.   high-res

February 2017, a group of Wild Turkeys were about to cross the road, so I waited for them. Here they cross in single file, just like Mom taught them to. :).   high-res

And when they reached the roadside ditch, they flew over it.   high-res

March 2017, the sun was shining on these Turkeys just right, bringing out their irridescent colors.   high-res

Last look, Wild Turkeys in the sun.   high-res

The Wild Turkey, once proposed by Benjamin Franklin as America's National Bird.

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