The Travels of Tug 44

Tender 6 - NYS Canal Corp

Tender 6 is one of the smaller tugs operated by NYS Canal Corp. They are often used to assist dredges and to tow mud barges. Seen here on the wall at Fairport.

Tender 6's rear deck and towing bit are seen here. The 2 yellow channels on the deck are covers to protect the steering cables.

The wheel house is spartan but contains everything needed.

The engine room on Tender 6 has a Detroit Diesel 6-71 engine rated at around 238 HP. The tanks on the sides hold 100 gallons of diesel fuel each.

A few days later, Tender 6 is back at work, serving the dredges at the Genessee River Crossing on the Erie Canal, an area requiring constant dredging.

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