The Travels of Tug 44

A Photo Tour of
The Hudson River

The Hudson River is a major tidal river with mostly salt or brackish water. From New York City one can cruise some 200 miles up to Fort Edward, New York, where it becomes too shallow to continue to its source in the Adirondak mountains. Above Troy, the river becomes the Champlain Canal and is fresh water.

The river's character changes as one heads north from the populated areas near New York City. The New Jersey Palisades give way to the wide Tappan Zee area and the Hudson then becomes a canyon as one nears Bear Mountain and West Point. The ruins of Bannerman Arsenal Castle is a must-see. Old mansions are common in the middle stretches of the river. A number of old lighthouses provide historical perspective on the way to Troy.

The Hudson River was known to the original Dutch settlers as the North River, and that is how it is always referred to among commercial boat captains, even to this day.

Here are some of the towns and points of interest on the Hudson River:


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