The Travels of Tug 44

Hackensack River

The Pulaski Skyway was one of America's first elevated highways and is part of U.S. Route 1.

The Pulaski Skyway has a few cracks in it's concrete supports. Yeah it's safe, uh huh!

This tangled mass of metal is actually three bridges. Trawlers usually only need the lowest bridge raised, the Freight Bridge. Hail the operator on Channel 13 as "Triple Bridge, Freight Bridge". If the operator is asleep, his phone number is 973-690-2609

Hail the Upper Hackensack Bridge on Channel 13 as "Upper Hack". The phone number is 201-714-2958.

This is technically known as the "HX Bridge" but nobody ever uses that name. It's known as the Erie Jack-Knife Bridge and that's how you hail it. In case of strong tidal currents or strong side-winds, ask the operator for a "high lift" to provide you with extra maneuvering room. The phone number is 201-714-2934.

Some generations ago, the operator of this bridge had such a reputation for sleeping on the job, that a tugboat captain once rowed out to the bridge late at night and shotgunned all the bridge's lights. Service improved dramatically!

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