The Travels of Tug 44

Roosevelt Island - East River at NYC

This abandoned building is known as the Renwick Ruin, named after its architect, James Renwick Jr. Renwick is known as the architect of St. Patricks Cathedral in NYC, and also the Blackwell Island Lighthouse pictured below. Built in 1856 as a smallpox hospital, it later became City Hospital, and after that became a nursing student's residence. The building was abandoned in the 1950's and is in ruins. The ruin was used in filming the 1993 Michael J. Fox movie "For Love or Money" where his character plans to renovate the ruin as a hotel. In one scene, Fox has co-star Gabrielle Anwar looking at the ruin thru a clear plastic overlay, and the ruin appears completely rebuilt and in its former glory. There were several other buildings next to the ruin, but they have been torn down in the last 10 years. See full-sized photo

The Roosevelt Island Tramway was built in 1976, intended as a temporary means of commuting between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island, but it seems to have become permanent. It appears in numerous movies and is a well-known sight around New York City. It is the only mass-transport gondola operating in the USA.

The Blackwell Island Lighthouse stands at the northern tip of Roosevelt Island where it meets the turbulent waters known as Hell Gate.

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