The Travels of Tug 44

Hudson Headwaters

The mighty Hudson River about a mile from its source high in the Adirondack Mountains on Upper Works Road, it's a beautiful crystal clear trout stream here with fast rushing waters. It's only 20 feet wide at this spot.   high-res

As the Hudson comes out of the mountains, it picks up additional water from many feeder streams. There are a number of large dams to supply power plants, which divide the River into "lakes" suitable for small fishing boats. This rock outcropping is called Sherman Island, right next to a popular boat launch.   high-res

Looking south where the Hudson River goes around Rogers Island in Fort Edward. That stripe across the water is the rapids over the base of an old power dam that was removed back in the 1970s. This location marks the "end of navigation" for modern boats going up the river.   high-res

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