The Travels of Tug 44

Tug Pittsford - NYS Canal Corp.

Tug Pittsford earning her living ... pushing a mud scow at the Genessee River Crossing on the Erie Canal.

Tug Pittsford is a medium-sized working tug operated by NYS Canal Corp. She is seen here tied alongside Derrick Boat 13 (DB-13) at the Genessee River Crossing near Rochester, an area that requires constant dredging.

Tug Pittsford is seen tied up alongside the DB-13 with Tender 6 behind her.

A side view of Tug Pittsford. The dredges are not self-propelled and require the Pittsford to move them around as they work.

The rear view of Tug Pittsford with her towing bits. In the background is one of the beautiful foot bridges spanning the Erie Canal at the Genessee River Crossing.

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