The Travels of Tug 44

Tug Seneca - NYS Canal Corp

Tug Seneca is one of the NYC Canal Corp's medium sized tugboats. She is a working boat, pushing barges and various other tasks, mostly on the western Erie Canal.

A side view of the Seneca, as she sits at a dock in Lyons NY. The Seneca was built in 1932 by Electric Boat Corp for the Navy. She was designated YTL-479 (Yard Tug, Light) and worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. She was bought by NY DOT in 1960 and is now owned by Canal Corp.

This is one of Seneca's two Cummins engines. They are 200 HP each. The right end of the engine is connected to a DC generator instead of a mechanical drive train. This diesel-electric arrangement provides very fine speed control on the propeller. One oddity, the port side engine is in there backwards, with the generator on the front. This allows most serviceable areas to be located in the center walkway, for both engines. Cables connect both to the drive motors.

Tug Seneca has two electric drive motors, which connect via a transmission to a single propeller.

The wheel house was very cluttered at the time of our visit, it's winter storage time ...

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