The Travels of Tug 44

Tug Syracuse - NYS Canal Corp.

Tug Syracuse is one of the New York State Canal Corp's heavy-duty tugboats, capable of pushing just about anything afloat on the canals. Our friend Captain Wendy Marble on deck.

Seen here in 2014, Tug Syracuse passes under the Guard Gate as she enters Erie Canal Lock E-23 westbound.

The Syracuse exits Lock E-23 westbound and turns to avoid Tug 44 tied on the wall at E-23.

In this shot from 2007, Tug Syracuse waits for Oswego Canal Lock O-5 to open. She is pushing the 2 large deck barges which will be used for a fireworks display in Oswego harbor.

Unusual but practical, this tugboat's hydraulic steering is not activated by the usual wheel. This one has the 2 small joysticks. Either stick moves the rudder and turns the tug.

The Syracuse was originally steam powered, but was later converted to diesel power. The Caterpillar engine produces 575 HP and tons of torque.

Our friend Captain Wendy Marble waves from the pilot house.

Our last look at the Syracuse for this season, as she heads down the canal.

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