The Travels of Tug 44

Erie Canal - Butternut Creek Aqueduct
DeWitt, NY

The Butternut Creek Aqueduct was constructed in 1856 to allow the Enlarged Erie Canal to pass over Butternut Creek, near DeWitt, NY.

A look at the aqueduct's arches. Beautiful 151 year old stonework, still in good shape.

A close-up of the underside of the towpath arches. Lots of staining from rain leakage, but every stone is still held perfectly in place by the compression of the arches.

The bottom of the creekbed is lined with wooden boards. These prevent erosion by floodwaters, which would undermine and unstabilize the foundations of the stone arches.

The old canal here still holds water, but in 2006 the aqueduct breached, and was repaired the easy way: Gravel was dumped into the canal, blocking off most of the aqueduct. There is still a very narrow concrete channel which allows water to flow across the aqueduct, feeding the canal.

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