The Travels of Tug 44

Old Champlain Canal Lock 12
Greenwich, NY

Old Champlain Canal Lock 12, also known as Bassett Lock, is by the side of Route 4 in Greenwich, NY. It was part of the Enlarged Champlain Canal, built around 1862.

The corral fence marks the lock. The historic marker has nothing to do with the lock.

The old lock is filled with water and leads to a long section of canal also still watered, but choked with weeds and algae. The canal here criss-crosses Route 4 several times in Greenwich.

Numerous trees grow out of the walls, it's in sorry need of some care.

Here, a tree had grown on top of the lock wall and eventually became heavier than the top stone. When the tree eventually fell over, it lifted up the top stone block and still grips it firmly in the tree roots.

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